Correction notice for Harvey et al. BioScience paper retracted due to error

You just have to laugh: the promised miniscule changes were finally made to the embarrassing Harvey et al. 2018 BioScience paper last week but today were retracted.

Retraction Watch headline 3 April 2018

The corrigendum was erroneously published 28 March 2018 at the journal Neurosurgery. And that blunder attracted the attention of the folks at Retraction Watch.

When the “highly reputable scholars” that supposedly reviewed the paper couldn’t catch a few major spelling mistakes and the editor couldn’t be bothered to correct them when these were brought to his attention (see version downloaded 3 April 2018 here, check “Refereces cited”), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BioScience couldn’t get the corrigendum right. [original link to the corrigendum here, as noted in the Retraction Watch post; I downloaded the file via that link yesterday, see it here]

Too busy trying to make names for themselves as climate action heroes to do their actual jobs, from the looks of it.


Harvey, J.A., van den Berg, D., Ellers, J., Kampen, R., Crowther, T.W., Roessingh, P., Verheggen, B., Nuijten, R. J. M., Post, E., Lewandowsky, S., Stirling, I., Balgopal, M., Amstrup, S.C., and Mann, M.E. 2017. Internet blogs, polar bears, and climate-change denial by proxy. Bioscience. DOI: 10.1093/biosci/bix133

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