Five years ago today, activist scientists tried to silence me: I’m still here but I need your help

On 29 November 2017, I awoke to find derogatory articles featuring me and my work splashed across newspapers worldwide, part of a coordinated effort to promote a paper published in the journal BioScience. More followed. The paper was a vile attempt by 14 activist scientists to silence me and others, assisted in their unethical attack by an enthusiastic media. But it didn’t work.

I’m still here, in part because of your support, both intellectual and financial. I’ve continued to effectively challenge the baseless rhetoric that polar bears are helpless victims of human-caused global warming by providing fully referenced information without climate fear-mongering. I’ve run this blog for ten years, written numerous scientific reports, a peer-reviewed paper, and a raft of entertaining and informative books.

Now I need a bit more help.

I’ve decided to use this occasion to kick-start a donation drive to help cover production costs of my new polar bear evolution book. In many ways, your enthusiastic support over the years has led me to write this book: the complete story of polar bear evolution, including the role of hybridization, but without the baffling scientific jargon. It will put everything we know about polar bears into evolutionary context–not just the when and where but the why and how.

Nothing like this exists and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m on track for publication in early 2023.

I’m asking those of you with the means to help, to assist me in getting this important book across the finish line. Details below.

UPDATE 1 December 2022: GOAL REACHED! What an amazing community this is–$5210 raised in two days. I am truly grateful for your generosity and moral support. Your donations will ensure that this polar bear evolution book gets published quickly and looks professional. Heartfelt thanks to all who participated. I will announce the winners of the special incentive (see below) next Tuesday, 6 December.

I estimate I will need about US$4,500.00 for editing, drafting of figures, and ebook formatting. Donate what you are able: every little bit will help. The price of a single virtual beer per reader would go a long way and will be most gratefully accepted.

Here is a special incentive: two randomly-chosen donations made between today and 6 December 2022 (one for donations between US$50 and $100, as converted by my bank; another for a donation over US$200) will get a character in my next novel named after them. The winners can choose to have their name revealed at the conclusion of the donation drive (6 December) or keep it secret forever — or until the novel comes out, which is next up on my writing docket (and well underway). If chosen, you may of course decline the honour or ask that it be passed along to another donor!

Note that I have terminated my association with PayPal after they cancelled without notice the associated accounts of the UK Free Speech Union and then imposed a new Acceptable Use Policy that is, quite simply, unacceptable.

I am now using STRIPE to take donations, which accepts all major credit cards.

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