No more WEF backroom deals for Sir David Attenborough?

On the first anniversary of Fallen Icon, I wonder if Sir David has made his last backroom deal? His years of relentless messaging anti-capitalist climate doom seemed like a concerted plan to build a legacy based on something other than smooth talking: I am convinced Attenborough saw the shocking film footage of walrus falling to their deaths presented in the Netflix/WWF extravaganza Our Planet as the leverage he needed to kick-start an aggressive campaign to promote action on climate change and curb capitalism. But it all collapsed at COP26 in 2021 with his failure to make any difference at all.

Attenborough made an on-camera plea in early November 2022 to promote yet another film but he hasn’t been seen in public in ages. After being oddly MIA at the Queen’s funeral last September, he’s apparently not attending the 2023 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos this week either, after making a huge splash there in 2019.

In January 2019, Attenborough made several high-profile public statements at the WEF meeting, including a much-publicized interview with Prince William. No doubt with his influence, the producers of his blockbuster Netflix documentary Our Planet arranged an exclusive screening for the rich and powerful in attendance at Davos that included the infamous ‘falling walrus’ scene that months later would shock the world.

In a CBC News article (21 June 2019) about “how documentaries seek to bring climate change stories to life,” Our Planet director Keith Scholey revealed that the special preview version of the eight-hour series Our Planet (which we know from other sources included the falling walrus scenes) was meant to influence WEF audiences three months ahead of the film’s official premiere:

In addition to reaching a global audience via Netflix, the Our Planet team’s strategy also involves speaking directly to government policy-makers and industry leaders.

…the filmmakers weren’t sure anyone would show up for screenings they scheduled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said Scholey. But demand was so high, they added extra showings.

I couldn’t find any mention on the WEF website for the 2019 meeting agenda of scheduled, pre-release special screenings of Our Planet: I call that a secret backroom deal. Attenborough and others involved in the documentary (including the WWF) wanted those rich and powerful people to have the same visceral reaction to the falling walrus that the public later did–all blamed on global warming, of course–but they of course wouldn’t want to spoil the international shock value they also desired in April for the public release.

Attenborough’s collusion in this peddling of animal tragedy porn was his part in a grander scheme of things that people with even more power and influence had in mind. ‘Climate change’ was a means to an end and Attenborough assisted by telling children like Greta Thunberg that polar bears were dying because of human-caused fossil fuel use–even though there was no evidence it was true. He allowed himself to be used by the WWF and activist scientists, passing lies and misinformation along without question.

Statements made by Attenborough in 2021 were barely distinguishable from those made by the-then Duke of Edinburgh (now King Charles III) in his support of the WEF’s plan for a total revamping of society. While some have dismissed The Great Reset as a conspiracy theory, the concept (and the book by the same name) is very real: madness, but quite real.

Like polar bear predictive models, the WEF ‘Great Reset’ manifesto is based on several false premises that invalidate its message and the ‘solutions’ it proposes. It’s ideological drivel I reject outright.

Who would have thought that the soft-spoken narrator would be on-board with such bizarre ideas? Certainly not I–not until I wrote the book. Now it all makes sense.

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