Attenborough expects King Charles to continue his activism

Now that Charles is King, it seems the new euphemisms for WEF-style totalitarian climate change activism is a defence of “environmental issues,” “protecting the natural world,” and “backing conservation.”

In a pre-coronation interview with the BBC, Sir David Attenborough said on Friday he believes that Charles will continue his activism while he is King, despite the constitutional demand that a British monarch remains apolitical. Today is Attenborough’s 97th birthday and it seems fitting to say I believe him. Why wouldn’t he tell the truth?

Money quote from Attenborough: “…now everybody realises that the future of humanity is dependent upon a healthy natural world. The way ahead demands that leaders of the state should actually give their full backing and I’m quite sure that as King he will lead this country in a very important way.

In true 1984 style, it seems the ruling elite are redefining terms to fit their ideology: recasting the King’s former activism and promotion of World Economic Forum agendas as entirely a defence of the environment and conservation issues. No doubt this tactic is meant to convince the naive public that there was never any politics involved in what Charles did before and so it cannot be considered political now that Charles is King.

But those who have been paying attention know better.

It also suggests that what those wealty powerbrokers have planned for us cannot work without the King’s considerable power and influence. This may sound awfully cynical but my eyes have been opened by Attenborough’s behaviour over the falling walrus issue and the alliances he’s made with the WWF and Netflix over the last few years. You may agree when you read what has been circulating in the news over the weekend, summarized below.

Here is what actually happened during the Attenborough BBC interview the day before the corontion (Friday, 5 May 2023), from the Youtube video provided by the broadcaster, at the 3:36 mark:

The interviewer comments that being a “campaigning prince was one thing” but that “the constitutional parametres change when you are the monarch,” and goes on to ask if Attenborough feels Charles will “be able to say less about the environment, to be less active on that front.” [my emphasis]

Attenborough seems to answer the opposite question, with enthusiasm: “Yes, I sincerely hope so. And I believe he will.”

After a bit of historical narrative about Charles’ life-long commitment to “a healthy natural world,” Attenborough states:

The way ahead demands that leaders of the state should actually give their full backing and I’m quite sure that as King he will lead this country in a very important way.”

That doesn’t sound like being less active on addressing climate change: it sounds like more.

The BBC has not provided a print version of the interview. Other outlets repeated Sir David’s answer but not the question he was asked. Their headlines also did not say “environment” but “conservation,” further pushing the public to believe this is all about protecting endangered species and biological diversity.

The online news outlet France24 (5 May 2023) even found someone willing to insist that Charles was not a radical environmentalist but a “mainstream ecologist” and that he has not called for an end to capitalism (my emphasis):

However, “Charles III’s positions are not radical,” says Thibaud Harrois, lecturer in contemporary British civilisation at Paris’ Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. “He has not called for the end of capitalism. He is doing what could be described as ‘mainstream’ ecology, accepted by all at a time when there is scientific consensus on the issue of global warming,” adds Harrois. 

And in a EuroNews article (6 May 2023), the Australian Prime Minister insisted that Charles’ radical environmentalism is not political (my emphasis):

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese encouraged His Majesty to continue his environmental work saying that it didn’t break political neutrality.

“I think dealing with the challenge of climate change shouldn’t be seen as a political issue, it should be seen as an issue that is about humanity and about our very quality of life and survival as a world,” he told Australian news outlet ABC. “I think engagement in issues is very different from engagement in party political matters. That would be entirely inappropriate.

Make of it what you will but it seems to me that we are being nudged yet again to accept that the ideological WEF agenda is not about destroying capitalism and thus not political but saving the environment and protecting us all from the predicted ravages of climate change. You know, for our own good; just like Covid lockdowns were. Attenborough, loyal friend to the royal family, is again playing his part.

What the King said in June 2020 when he promoted the WEF Great Reset agenda:

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