Fat polar bears chew on whale bones, chase dog

Brief interlude from Western Hudson Bay. My fascination with Arctic dogs and polar bears collides in Alaska!

BILL HESS / logbookwasilla.com

A string of remarkable photos of polar bears at the Kaktovik whale carcass dump (leftovers from subsistence whaling) on Barter Island on the north slope of Alaska and a dog having some fun, by Wasilla photographer Bill Hess, posted at this blog hereGo have a look. Note the condition of the bears, nice and fat from the look of it. Maps below to get you oriented geographically.

I had a Malamute years ago who played like this with horses…whole different game when played with polar bears!

From Anchorage Daily News feature from a few days ago.

Photos: Dog challenges polar bear in Kaktovik
Published: September 27, 2012

Wasilla photographer and blogger Bill Hess is back in the Arctic this week, and he has posted a series of photos of an encounter between a daring dog and a polar bear dining in the Kaktovik whale carcass dump. Go to Hess’ website to see the whole confrontation, from first bark to hasty retreat. Hess says the dog seems to love being chased by bears.

Map below of general area, for a close-up see the Google-map of Barter Island here.

Red dot is Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska. From Wikipedia

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