Polar Bears International responds to “The Politics of Polar Bears”

Well, sort of — what they did was provide a logical fallacy reply to an almost incoherent comment by a PBI Facebook supporter who had watched the documentary and complained of bias (such a predictable response).

See what you think, screen-cap below (taken September 3, 2014 at about 2PM Pacific Time.
[UPDATE added September 4, 2014 at 8:30PM Pacific, see below]

PBI Facebook reaction to Politics of Polar Bears_Sept 3 2PM Pacific

I am told he [Taylor] is employed by the Environment of Canada“?

Andrew Derocher’s group“?

Yes dear, the environment of Canada has a huge payroll (doled out in buckets of berries and roots) and employs people who definitely should not belong to Andrew Derocher’s very own Polar Bear Specialist Group.

There are a few nonsensical follow-ups but this is about as much traction as the comment gets from these folks who “heart” polar bears. See for yourself here.

The entire documentary was about whether or not polar bears are actually in any kind of trouble at the moment — especially, whether the Western Hudson Bay population in particular has responded in any meaningful (biological) way to recent changes in sea ice — and all PBI has to say is that the IPCC calls itself an authority on climate change.

They might as well have said “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.”

And we are supposed to trust these people to educate children and teachers, and undertake unbiased scientific research? Seriously?

UPDATE 1: Northwest Territories biologist Rob Gau responded to PBI Facebook commenter Linda French earlier today (September 4) about the complaint of bias in the CBC documentary and had a bit of a conversation [commenter Ian MacDonald also thought the program was fairly balanced].

Have a look below. The comments begin:

PBI Facebook reaction to Politics of Polar Bears_Sept 4 12PM Pacific

A bit later, Linda French responded. Rob directed her to this blog and suggested she read Dr. Jim Steele’s guest post, “How science counts bears,” and then corrected her misconceptions of how sport hunting fees are distributed. Have a look:

PBI Facebook reaction to Politics of Polar Bears_Sept 4 330PM Pacific Gau link to PBS

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