Coming soon: the polar bear science books you’ve been requesting

It’s just past the first anniversary of the publication of my science-based novel, EATEN, so satisfied readers may be pleased to learn that I have a pair of polar bear science books set to be released.

Finally – books for adults and children that present the facts about polar bears without spin and fear-mongering about model-predicted futures: reference books that include the most up-to-date information that show polar bears have the innate ability to adapt quickly to changes in sea ice.

Barring major revisions, the covers will look like this:


One is a fully-referenced book for adults and high school kids called Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change.

The other is a fabulous companion or stand-alone summary volume (ages 7 and up), called Polar Bear Facts and Myths: A Science Summary for all Ages..

Both books are full-color and relatively short. With luck, they should be available next week, so stay tuned for details. Each will sell for well under US$20 (exact prices unknown).

Polar Bear Facts & Myths is particularly versatile: with language that is straightforward but not condescending, it is not only appropriate for kids of various reading abilities but also works for readers who prefer the clear and simple synopsis.

It’s also a great book for adults and children to read together.I may have this Facts & Myths summary translated into French, German, and/or Spanish if I can find willing translators.

Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change is fashioned after the popular lecture with the same title I have given through the University of Victoria’s Speakers Bureau since 2009, which has been enthusiastically received by audiences with a wide range of interests.

Neither book is an “everything you ever wondered about polar bears” kind of volume but both have the information critical for understanding current issues in polar bear ecology and conservation.


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