Ten fat polar bears filmed raiding a stalled Russian garbage truck

From the Siberian Times today (20 October) is a story with few facts but a fabulous video of six fat adults and four fat cubs as they set siege to a stalled open garbage truck in the Russian Arctic. It may have been filmed on Novaya Zemlya but that has not been confirmed.

Of course, Novaya Zemlya has had previous problems with bears habituated to garbage, most famously an extended incident in 2019 that was perversely blamed on climate change.

There were two families that I could see in the video: a female with two cubs-of-the-year and another with two year old cubs. All were in excellent condition, as were the other four adults. Novaya Zemlya, if indeed this is where the incident took place, is between the Barents and Kara Seas (see below):

From the Siberian Times story:

The video from an unidentified location in the Russian Arctic was shared by a driver who happened to be on the same road as the broken rubbish truck. The truck’s military number plate suggests it could have been filmed at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, but The Siberian Times couldn’t confirm it. Four large bears are filmed climbing inside the truck one after the other, as the cubs look on.

Other adult bears are seen running towards it.

Read the rest of the story here and watch the video below:

Polar bears…too many polar bears

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