Fat polar bear of late summer in Arctic Canada

Retired Mountie and bird photographer Clare Kines captured on film one of those ‘canaries of in the coal mine’ of the Canadian Arctic we hear so much about. Kines is from Arctic Bay and took the photo a few weeks ago, on 9 September, on the north end of Baffin Island (just east of where the famous National Geographic ‘starving’ bear was filmed in 2017). His photo was published 14 September by Nunatsiaq News.

Arctic Bay photographer Clare Kines spotted this well-fed polar bear from the vantage of a boat at Sauniqsiutit, on the western coast of Admiralty Inlet, on Sept. 9.

[Admiralty Inlet is marked on the map below]

Kines’ and NG’s bears belong to the Lancaster Sound subpopulation:

It proves nothing, of course. Just that fat bears still exist at the end of summer in the Canadian Arctic despite recent sea ice declines.

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