Hudson Bay polar bears still have lots of ice at July 1

Although some have come ashore in the north around Arviat, most polar bears are still on the ice. Disaster averted for another season as predictions of doom fail to meet reality.

24 June 2022, courtesy Gordy Kidlapik at Arviat (via twitter).

Sea ice on Hudson Bay is still abundant in the southwest sector, including around Churchill, and much of that is still thick first year ice (>1.2m thick, dark green on the ‘stage of development’ charts).

Sea ice charts

Below is the weekly stage of development chart for the week of 27 June 2022:

Tracking map

Below is Derocher’s tracking map for bears with collars and eartags. Note his ice map indicates only areas with 50% ice concentration because he and his colleagues have convinced themselves the bears head to land when ice levels drop below that threshold, despite having been proven wrong by the bears themselves time and time again:

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