Churchill area polar bears off the ice as of third week in July say problem bear reports

Second week of Polar Bear Alert Activity reports (16-22 July) for 2018 and already two bears are in jail, making it the busiest 3rd week in July since 2015:


Last week (9-15 July) there were a few bears around but it appeared most were still out on the ice:

Churchill PB reports_week 1_ July 9-15_July 2018

Map of collared and tagged bears reported by researcher Andrew Derocher at 19 July, at least 4 bears were still on the ice:

Derocher 19 July 2018 position of collared females on Hudson Bay

Ice concentration chart from Canadian Ice Services for the week of 16 July 2018 (there is almost always more ice present than shown on these charts at this time of year due to the problem satellites have distinguishing melt ponds from open water):

Hudson Bay weekly concentration 2018 July 16

Report for the same period last year (week 2 of reports, 17-23 July 2017):

Churchill PB reports_week 2_ July 17-23_July 2017

And for 2016 (18-24 July 2016):

2016 July 18_24_week 2

And 2015 (as far back as records have been made public), 13-19 July 2015:

2015 July 13_19 week 2

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