Sea ice cometh to Hudson Bay: freeze-up has begun

Although it may take until the end of the month for all Western and Southern Hudson Bay bears (except for pregnant females) to have returned to the ice, freeze-up has finally begun in earnest and today some bears are already heading out to resume feeding before winter sets in. This is 3.5 weeks later than last year when WH bears were first spotted have killed a seal on 31 October.

Compared to two days ago, there is now abundant ice along the western shore of Hudson Bay, both in the north and the south:

The ice near shore is heavily buckled by tides and wind, making it thicker than it would be otherwise, courtesy the live cam:

Here’s another view of the ice with two bears on it (taken from quite a distance, hence the blurry photo):

This ice is even showing up on the larger format CIS chart:

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