More fat polar bear sightings around homes on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula

Two recent incidents really remind me of the opening scene in my polar bear attack thriller, EATEN, and this time both were captured on film. They involved bears in good physical condition and luckily, no one has been hurt. There is still sea ice off the Northern Peninsula, which has brought the bears from the north.

On Sunday (10 April) in St. Anthony, a woman was alerted by her dog to what she though was someone on the front porch and found herself literally face to face with a polar bear when she opened the door; it then hopped up on her roof. The next day, in Goose Cove, a woman watched two bears (probably a female with a two year old male cub) explore the outside of a neighbour’s house and then walk across her driveway.

Here are the details of Sunday’s incident in St. Anthony (VOCM, 12 April 2022):

A St. Anthony woman says she’s glad she didn’t know just how close a polar bear got to paying an unwelcome visit to her home until after the bear was long gone.

Danny Keats captured his neighbour Bobbie Stevens’ close encounter on surveillance video and his son Kenneth has been sharing it on social media.

Bobbie says she was on the couch when her dog alerted her to something going on out by the door. She went to the door thinking there was someone there, and when she opened the door to look out, she was staring in the face of a polar bear, “and the polar bear was beautiful” she laughs. Fortunately, she didn’t take too long to take the scene in, closed the door and called 911.

Bobbie says it wasn’t until she saw the surveillance video showing the bear climbing onto her roof, that she got scared.

Watch the short surveillance videos to see how close she got to the bear when she opened the door:

The Goose Cove incident happened on Monday and was reported in detail by the CBC (11 April 2022). Goose Cove is just south of St. Anthony along the east coast of the Northern Peninsula:

Agnes McCarthy of Goose Cove, also on the Northern Peninsula, got a close look at two polar bears as they took a walk through her driveway — one of them checking out a neighbour’s house and then returning.

Connie Earle Reardon photo, Goose Cove, Newfoundland.

Sea ice conditions

And further up the coast, in Labrador:

Big picture sea ice conditions, across Canada:

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