Another polar bear on Fogo, this time on the south shore as sea ice surrounds the island

On Friday, 8 April, a polar bear was photographed on the south coast of Fogo Island, Newfoundland at a time when sea ice surrounded the offshore island. The bear, spotted near North Side Road near Stag Harbour, was non-threatening to the point of being totally chilled out, but attracted enough human attention to cause traffic congestion. Another sighting a little more than a week ago near Tilting on the east side of the island could possibly have involved the same bear.

Stag Harbour is on the south coast of Fogo Island, near where the Fogo Island ferry docks. Fogo Island lies off the north shore of Newfoundland.

Photo of the relaxed bear below (and above) by Nick Bailey:

Sea ice conditions yesterday, showing enough ice for the bear to make an escape north if it moves soon:

Compared to a few days before:

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