Western Hudson Bay polar bears waiting for the sea ice to freeze as tourists flock to watch

Should only be a few weeks more until the ice forms along the western shore of Hudson Bay, it’s already been snowing. But for the tourist outfitters around Churchill, this is their time to profit from those willing and able to spend big money to see polar bears up close.

from the Explore.org web cam, 18 October 2022

Those tourists are captive audiences for the global warming propaganda provided by activist organization Polar Bears International: it’s virtually impossible for anyone to escape the climate change doom-mongering in Churchill and that’s a real pity.

Recent photos

From Wapusk National Park, south of Churchill, via Explore.org web cams, where polar bear watching is in full swing.

From 13 October 2022:

Three from 15 October 2022:

One from 16 October 2022, note the big waves in the background:

Problem bear reports

No updates from the Churchill Polar Bear Alert Program since 26 September.

Sea ice update

No sea ice on Hudson Bay yet but the ice from the north is expanding south quickly:

Big picture sea ice: Ice is forming rapidly off the Russian coast (chart below from 17 October 2022) and will soon envelope Wrangel Island:

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