Hudson Bay freeze-up: way more ice for this day than in 2013

On this day (20 November 2014), there is way more sea ice over Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin than 2013, with ice starting to form in Hudson Strait.

The polar bears of Hudson Bay are on the ice (except pregnant females, who will be in their dens); Churchill polar bear season is over (see previous discussions here and here).

Ice maps and graph courtesy Canadian Ice Service.

Sea ice extent Canada 2014 Nov 20 CIS

Sea ice extent Canada_2013 Nov 20_CIS_PolarBearScience

Graph of ice extent back to 1971 at 19 November, below. Note that by the time the ice reaches 10%, most polar bears onshore in Western Hudson Bay are on the ice (which at this point in the season is well below the long-term average indicated by the red line). Click to enlarge.

Hudson Bay freeze-up ice cover same week_Nov 19 1971_2014 w average

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