Earth Day surprise: video of fat polar bear on Arctic sea ice contains no false facts

Shot during the 2015 Arctic GEOTRACES expedition aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy. The lack of narrated misinformation makes this video suitable for young children.

This looks to be a different bear than the one I discussed in 2015 here but was undoubtedly taken on the same cruise, because reports at the time (August 2015) said that ‘several’ bears were spotted. Video attributed to ‘Bill Schmoker, PolarTrek teacher 2015’, launched on the Woods Hole Youtube channel 1 April 2020 (no other info provided).

See this previous post for photos of two young cubs learning to navigate thin ice, as the adult bear in the above video does at one point: it’s an essential skill for all bears and has been so forever (because thin ice is part of the freeze-thaw cycle of Arctic ice). This previous post discusses a report with photos of dozens of fat bears spotted along the Southern Beaufort Sea coast of Alaska in July 2019.

I’ve explained here why polar bears are not threatened with extinction, and here to read the 2019 State of the Polar Bear Report. My most popular videos about polar bear conservation status are here and here.

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