2nd highest ice coverage for Hudson Bay since 1971 at mid-August – only 1992 higher

Since 1971, there has been no year when there was as much ice left on Hudson Bay as there is this year at August 13th, except 1992 – the year when Mt. Pinatubo seemingly affected Hudson Bay ice levels but not any other region in Eastern Canada or the Beaufort Sea. Odd, that – see the graphs below.

Hudson Bay same week 13 Aug 1971-2015

Doesn’t mean that much to polar bears, since they will mostly be fasting whether they are onshore for the summer or riding the ice – they primarily live off their fat this time of year. Still, the relative ice levels are interesting because it could impact freeze-up dates later this fall, which will influence the bears’ ability to hunt before the winter fast sets in.

Hudson Bay “departure from normal” for 10 August 2015 (CIS, click to enlarge):

Hudson Bay regional departure from normal_2015 Aug 10_CIS

Ice concentration at 13 August 2015 (CIS):

Hudson Bay breakup Aug 13 2015_CIS

As I pointed out before:

Not a single one of the research reports on WHB bears, for periods that included 1990, mention that breakup in 1990 was especially early, even though virtually all commented at length about the especially late breakup in 1992 (Derocher and Stirling 1995; Stirling and Lunn 1997; Lunn et al. 1997; Stirling et al. 1999; Stirling et al. 2004; Stirling and Parkinson 2006; Regehr et al. 2007; Stirling and Derocher 2012).

All of the reports cited above blame the late breakup of Hudson Bay ice in 1992 primarily on the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Interestingly, ice coverage for 1992 doesn’t stand out for any other neighbouring North American region, at least at this point in the season, the way Hudson Bay does in the graph above. See other Canadian Ice Service graphs below, note the start dates may vary (click to enlarge).

Davis Strait:

Davis Strait same week Aug 13 1971-2015 CIS

Foxe Basin:

Foxe Basin same week 13 Aug 1968-2015 CIS

Baffin Bay:

Baffin Bay same week Aug 13 1968_2015 with average_CIS

Beaufort Sea:

Beaufort Sea same week 13 Aug 1968_2015_CIS

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